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One Shield Security is a Purpose-Driven Company with a Go-Giver Mentality. Our Security firm will provide quality security services tailored to your needs.  Our approach to the industry begins with our passion for helping others. We focus on implementing proven strategies designed to ensure we are providing the best security solutions for you and your property.


Our Strategy to providing Quality Security Services begins with our investment in People and Process. Which means, we focus on hiring the right people and then training the right people with the right processes. When combined, you will see that our level of service far exceeds the performance of our competitors.

Our Competitive hiring process includes a multi-step interview process, followed by a pre-investigative background check into the candidates past employment, social media accounts and criminal history of Local, State, and Federal Databases.

Training is an important part of our industry which is why we ensure that our staff receive regular training to keep up with the requirements mandated by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. We provide continuous education to keep up with industry related trends. 


We use Integrated Technology to improve guard performance and to provide more value to our clients. For example; Our online based reporting system allows us to better manage our Officers and keep track of the reports generated by our staff. We know when our employees are onsite and that they remained onsite during their entire shift.

Why we're different, At One Shield Security, we have a strong commitment to quality service, but an even stronger commitment and deep compassion for the care and concern of our employees. We strive to create a culture dedicated to employee engagement, leadership, and the promise of delivering exceptional customer service. It is a culture in which the expectation is that security officers feel a genuine sense of belonging and a genuine sense of fulfillment for their contributions. At One Shield Security, we value people, we value development and we value strong, open and transparent relationships.

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