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Bob Burg and John David Mann

Click on picture below to view/download SUMMARY of the book The Go - Giver

 by Bob Burg and John David Mann.


The book tells a parable of a man named Joe who, struggling to make his quarterly sales target, meets a mentor named Pindar to help him. Pindar then teaches Joe the “Five Laws of Stratospheric Success” by having Joe meet various people who have already mastered the five laws. The book is a short read, but it contains a powerful message. One that aligns with Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Law of Compensation: you will always be compensated for your contributions, one way or another. Therefore, it’s better to focus on giving more if you wish to receive more. That’s the secret of the book in a nutshell. But it’s expanded into five laws, which the author recommends you actually try, instead of just thinking about them. That way, you can determine for yourself whether these laws work or not. 

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Chapter 3 - The Law of Value

Chapter 4 - The Law of Value part 2

Chapter 5 - The Law of Compensation

Chapter 6 - Serving Coffee

Chapter 7 - Rachel 

Chapter 8 - The Law Influence

Chapter 9 - The Law Influence Part 2

Chapter 10 - The Law of Authenticity 

Chapter 11 - Gus

Chapter 12 - The Law of Receptivity

Chapter 13 - Full Circle

Chapter 14 - Full Circle - Part 2

The Go-Giver Chapter 1-2 - Unknown Artist
The Go-Giver Chapter 3-4 -
The Go-Giver Chapter 5-7 -
The Go-Giver Chapter 8-9 -
The Go-Giver Chapter 10-11 -
The Go-Giver Chapter 12-13 -
The Go-Giver Chapter 14 -

Chapter 1 - The Five Laws of  Stratospheric Success

Chapter 2 - The Secret

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