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Vehicle Patrol

We strive to provide Quality Patrol Services to help maximize the reduction in crime to our client’s businesses and place of residency. We focus on the Quality of each hit and spend more time onsite to provide better visibility to our client’s property.

One Shield Security vehicles provide a similar presence to Law Enforcement. We have partnered with the same Vendor that equips most Law Enforcement Vehicles. Our state of the art vehicles come professionally wrapped and equipped with a Federal Signal Integrity Light Bar (features include take down and alley lights), Front push bumper, and driver side spot lights, GPS, and front/rear dash cameras. 

Reporting is done electronically, which means we have the ability to ensure that our Officers are performing each hit as per your direction.

Services Include:


- Checking locks, windows and doors

- Locking and unlocking gates

- Checking pools, recreation rooms, patios

- Onsite Community Patrol Services

- Patrolling parking lots and garages

- Alarm response and code resetting

- Employee/Resident escorts Interior Inspections

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