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Hospitals and healthcare facilities are under constant pressure to keep their facilities safe, while at the same time managing patient and visitor demands against federal regulations, confidentiality agreements, and governmental standards. Maintaining a peaceful and secure environment for employees, patients and visitors in a healthcare facility can be a difficult task.


To help manage all that goes into running a safe healthcare organization, One Shield Security can provide responsive and highly trained security officers to assist with the unique challenges of providing security in the healthcare industry.

Our Services include:

- Regulatory compliance, HIPAA, EMTALA,        CMS, TJC, DNV & NFPA

- Mental health and drug or alcohol-related            patient incidents

- Entrance/exit control, protection/contraband        detection

- Parking Lot Monitoring

- Management of aggressive behavior

- Workplace violence preparedness

- Morgue escort services

- Fire Warden

- Crisis prevention

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