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Commercial Security


Corporate Office

There are many benefits to having an onsite Security Officer at your commercial building and corporate office. When an Emergency occurs in the workplace it can have a huge effect on Company Moral, Project Deliverable, Loss of Revenue and Service.


One of the reasons One Shield Security has earned respect from property managers is our ability to develop an effective Security Plan that will meet your buildings’ unique needs. Our highly trained security professionals are prepared to handle any emergency and alert you to issues as they arise—yet they are equally comfortable to providing quality customer service. We will also combine the right security officers with the right technology to make the most efficient use of your security budget.

Our Services Include:

- Employee Termination / Tenant Safety

- Front Lobby / Office Ambassador – Customer        Service

- Patrol of Common Areas

- Parking Enforcement

- Building Lock Ups

- After hour Vehicle Patrols

- Visitor Management

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